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Building from our own continued success, we want to give others the opportunity to grow their own high quality white truffles. We inoculate loblolly pine seedlings with our own proven strain of Bianchettos (a strain of Tuber borchii). This is a diligent 6-month process where quality is our primary concern. Our tree seedlings are perfect for commercial farmers or hobbyist growers alike.

After buying inoculated trees in bulk, you will also be given a truffle grower’s guide describing the steps necessary to produce Bianchetto truffles.


It is well known that there have been many failed attempts to farm truffles across the world, and this has often been because of low quality seedlings. Some say that farming white truffles isn’t even possible (ignoring the fact that we are successfully doing it). We strongly encourage you to start your truffle-growing journey with someone who can take you out in their own field and show you an actual truffle harvest. Our results speak for themselves.

We believe that Tuber borchii is the future of the truffle industry for five reasons:

1. Its taste and aroma rank among the very best white truffles.

2. It is more vigorous in the field than other truffle species, enabling it to out-compete other fungal species.

3. It is more tolerant of different environmental conditions compared to other truffle species.

4. The truffles form closer to the soil surface compared to many other truffle species, making them easier to harvest without damage (thus leading to a higher quality final product).

5. Loblolly pine can serve as the host tree. Loblollies are an easily grown tree in many different environments, from USDA plant hardiness zone 6B through 9A. Many other tree species commonly inoculated with truffle spores are highly susceptible to blight or have more sensitivity to environmental conditions. (Click on your state to find your plant hardiness zone.)



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