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Before the Truffles

The Burwell Davis family is the owner of Burwell Farms®. The name pays homage to Burwell Davis, who was awarded the land in 1776 for his service in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. The land given to Davis has been continually farmed by the same family ever since, with subsequent generations cultivating cotton, tobacco, and now white truffles.


About Burwell Farms


The Start of Burwell Farms

Situated in Eastern North Carolina, Burwell Farms® enjoys mild weather and ideal soil conditions for growing high quality Bianchetto truffles. In the summer of 2014, we planted our first loblolly pine seedlings inoculated with the highest quality Bianchetto truffles from Europe. After three and a half years of careful cultivation, we harvested our first crop of delicious truffles available to gourmet kitchens. This first harvest came before anyone ever imagined it, and due to our success in the fields we were able to debut our high quality truffle to the world. Soon, our unprecedented success in the field drew the attention of other growers. As a result, we also began selling inoculated loblolly pine seedlings to anyone who wants to grow their own Bianchetto truffles!


After several successful growing seasons, we expanded our truffle production, planting more truffle-producing pines and cultivating the soil to ensure bountiful harvests. By the 2020 season, we were harvesting thousands of ounces of high-quality white truffles, and expect harvests to increase every year for the next decade. We are pleased to provide your restaurant or kitchen with our exquisite truffle and unique aroma you can’t find anywhere else!


Our Events

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