Truffle in the Kitchen
  • Truffle in the Kitchen: A Cook's Guide


    By Jack Czarnecki (2019)


    No food has quite the allure and mystery of the truffle. For years, professional chefs have been wowing their guests with the complex flavors and intoxicating aromas yet home chefs hesitate to take the plunge. Truffle in the Kitchen not only guides you through the many uses of the culinary truffle but goes deep into the lore and science that makes the truffle so fun to use and enjoy. Jack Czarnecki, of Joe's Restaurant (Reading, PA) and The Joel Palmer House (Dayton, OR), shares with you everything he's learned over his lauded career foraging for truffles, using them in his restaurants and making truffle products. Winner of a James Beard Book award in 1996, Jack once again wants to take you on a culinary journey with humor and insight. Explore the fun and aromatic world of the truffle!

    Truffle in the Kitchen

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